September is a big month as the kids social/activity
calendar heats up. It's unbelievable how much they have
to do at these ages compared to when we were kids.

Abby lights up the soccer field.
First up is Abby's return to the soccer pitch. We bumped
her up to play in the 6-8 year old division despite being 5,
as she has already played for three years now. It's
amazing to see how much of the strategy of the game she
is picking up already. In her first game she also played
goalie for a quarter and loved it.

Ashley lights up the dance floor.
Next up is Ashley in her first day of dance. Mom loved
flashdance I guess, because the leg warmers were a
must. This is a Mommie and me class with only one boy
and you can see who is was macking on. We are pretty
sure they were talking shoes, very smooth...

Little Sterling heads to Cub Scouts
Lisa convinced me that Cub Scouts would be fun for
Sterling. She took him to his first den meeting and he
loved it, so I am on board. Here is a shot as we get ready
to leave for his first pack meeting where we built a rocket
together. Have to say I had fun and I can not wait for
October 5th we are going to a rocket club to launch it. At
that meet there will be a couple guys launching rockets
that will go roughly 2 miles in the air!!!

Apple Picking!!!
September means the Macs are ripe and apple picking
we must go. Family had a blast, but tiring with Lisa being
2 weeks away from baby #4 and me hobbling around with
a leg brace on. The girls enjoyed the pony rides, we were
excited that Ashley was not scared of the pony. Kids as
farm animals and family as apples are just too funny.
Sterling and Abby also conquered the Masker maze,
although it took a while. Nice break for Mommy, Daddy,
and Ashley.

UMAC graduation
Sterling and Abby graduated at UMAC. This puts Sterling
one graduation from getting his second degree black belt
and Abby is one belt away from first degree black belt.
They did amazing. This was the first graduation I did not
participate in (given the knee surgery) and was fun being
able to watch appreciate all Sterling and Abby have
accomplished. While you can not see her face that is
Abby behind that yellow belt kicking WAY ABOVE HER
HEAD, very cool kick. Then Sterling coming down from a
jump front kick, and then his imitation of the Karate Kid.
From there you see Abby then Sterling demonstrating
self defense techniques, this is part of their Hapkido
training. Then Sterling doing one of his black belt forms
called koryo. Lastly, Abby doing her board break with a
hopping hook kick and the proud family all together.
September has been a very busy month.
Kids Activities 2008