7/5/2009 Lisa Family Reunion
We had great weather for the family reunion. Thanks Linda and
Billy for hosting. Check out the pictures by clicking the link.

12/25/2008 Christmas is finally here
Christmas finally arrived and none too soon for the kids. Check out
the pictures of Ava's first ever Christmas.

12/20-12/21/2008 Christmas up North
Once the snow finally let up we headed north to celebrate
Christmas with our families so we could get home for actual
Christmas day. Take a look.

9/26/08 Our 10 Year Wedding Anniversary
Hard to believe that 10 years have passed already, and I love Lisa
all the more with each one of them.

9/21/08 September is a busy month
Here is a page showing a bunch of what we have been doing the
month of September with the kids. The activity level is a bit insane,
but they seem to enjoy it.

9/4/08 Abby's First Day at School
Can you believe our little girl is already following after big brother
and heading off to school? Here are a couple of shots highlighting
the big event.

8/2/08 RJ and Jen's Wedding
Took way to long to update again sorry about that, but this
occasion is RJ and Jen's wedding. Here are a couple of my
favorite shots.

9/5/07 Kids First Day at School
Sterling and Abby headed back to school today. Sterling to the 2nd
grade and Abby to pre-school, but this year at St. Paul's.

9/1/07 Nephew Mike Tompkins gets Married
Our nephew Mike got married to his long time girlfriend Chrissy
who is just a great person and someone to hopefully keep him on
the straight and narrow :). Enjoy Tahoe kids!!!

8/20/07 Sterling III starts Football
Little man hit the grid iron for his first year of pop warner tackle
football. Jury is out on whether he loves it or hates it. But it is fun to

8/12/07 Trip to LBI
Took the family to the Jersey Shore for the first time. Place called
Long Beach Island. We would recommend it highly for family

8/5/07 Sterling III turns 7 years old
Another summer means another birthday excuse for a pool party.

12/19/06 Ashley Rae Auty arrives
We welcome to the family our latest addition, Ashely Rae Auty.
Born Tuesday morning 12/19 at 7:40 AM. She was 8lbs and 8oz.
Mommie and baby are doing great. See the link above for more
info and photos.
The Auty Family